The rules of Backgammon

The board, as I mentioned, is divided into two sections. One is called "Outer Board" and the other is "Home Board", between them is the bar. The object of a player is to move his soldiers from the outer board into his home board. One player moves in a clockwise direction while the second player moves in the opposite direction. After reaching the home board the players move their soldiers out of the board. The first one to do so wins.

The players throw the dice and the one with the highest scores gets to start the game. He then throws the two dices and the combined value is the number of moves his soldiers can do. The soldiers move from on triangle to the next in an opposite direction of the outer base. A soldier cannot occupy a triangle that more than two enemy soldiers already occupied. If the player roles the dice and both of them show the same number then the player gets another turn.

Even though rolling high values is important but it's not the main key to a successful Backgammon game. In order to succeed you must deploy a strategy that will block your opponent's soldiers, Backgammon is not juts a race to the end of the line, it's a race to the end of the line with many tactics which will distract your opponent's run to the finish line.