Playing Backgammon in DOS and Linux

Does your computer run on system other than windows? Fortunately, for gambling players who run a non-Windows system on their computer, there is backgammon software which they can enjoy.

For DOS:

DOS users should be very thankful to Sentient Software, the maker of PC Gammon IV. Because of Sentient Software, gambling players who still prefer using DOS can enjoy a lot of backgammon games on their computer.

According to the gambling players who have already tried the PC Gammon IV, it has very simple system that does not take rocket science to figure out how to use it. Aside from its simple system, gambling players enjoy features such as keeping records on the results of their games. This is excellent for gambling players who want to keep track of their improvement as they are perfecting their backgammon expertise. Many gambling players make use of this feature in showing off to the other players.

For Linux:

More people are now looking towards the way of Linux, since it is freeware. This especially became true when there were massive confiscations of computers running on unlicensed Windows. That is why more people are shifting to Linux to avoid any trouble. Some of them are gambling players who are into backgammon. Certainly, they do not want to leave their favorite game behind, and would very much like to keep it in their Linux.

In the past, no one thought that there is a market for software for this gambling game that is Linux-compatible. Manufacturers thought that there was not much demand. But later on, some of these manufacturers, such as Frank Berger, realized that some gambling players clamor for such software.

Frank Berger's creation is called the BGBlitz. It automatically became such a hit among clients, especially the gambling players, for several reasons. One of which is a programmed adviser that won't just give gambling players advices but also notifies them if they are making a mistake.

Another reason why BGBlitz is such a hit is that it offers Nackgammon, a variant of backgammon. So, those gambling players who are tired of playing the same old backgammon, may find delight in using BGBlitz.

Moreover, the BGBlitz comes in different languages, which makes it transcend races. Aside from English, there is also Danish, Dutch and German languages also available for use. Because of this, more gambling players form different parts of the world will enjoy backgammon using Linux.