Let's Play Online Backgammon

Backgammon is an ancient game that dates back a few centuries ago. The game is quite simple and easy to play. Modern backgammon now employs the use of the internet which makes it more appealing to youngsters and newbie players.

Learning online backgammon is quite easy. First is to choose the best online backgammon site to play in order to ensure safe and secure gaming. The benefits of playing at secure and reputable sites are rewarding especially to new players.

Playing the game online allows players to download their backgammon games and they may choose from playing against the computer or against other players.

The set-up of backgammon on the online version is the same with its live counterpart. There is one board, two players and fifteen chips per player. The objective is to move the player's chips from the board to his home board and in to his pile of chips. The first player to clear the backgammon board wins the game.

The board is consists of quadrants where players can move their chips. The part of the board closest to the player is called his home board. Clockwise from him is the bar and the outer board. The quadrant has six points each and this area is where the chips move. Take note that colors do not have correspond.

Playing backgammon starts with the initial position of the chips. Both players should have five chips on the first point of their home board. Each player will get three chips from their outer boards. These three chips will be placed on a certain point which is away from the line. Furthermost from the center line, each player shall place five chips more. Across the board to the right, each player should place two chips on the opponent's home board which is near the out position.

The dice will be rolled and the outcome represents the points that a player can move his chips. For instance, the dice roll has an outcome of four and five. The player can move his chips nine points on the board; one chip can be moved five spaces and the other chip four spaces. A player can use the outcome of the dice roll as legally as possible. The limitation on the dice roll is that a player cannot move chips on occupied paces. If the dice roll doubles, the chips could be moved doubled as well.

For instance, a player has an outcome of double six; he can move four chips on six points. If there is only one chip on a certain space and the other player's chip occupied it, your chip will be returned to the center bar to start again from the other side of the board. The first player to move all their chips all the way through the board and to the right destination wins the game.