Backgammon - The game of intelligence and luck

Backgammon is a fascinating game for people from all ages. It is a best online casino game that requires intelligence as well as luck with the dices. Before the age of the online backgammon sites it was more a social game than a battle of mind, a time for friends to play one against the other to enjoy the shared time. The Backgammon board was taken everywhere you go. It was present in pubs, coffee shops, or carried to the beach or to a vacation out of the country. Backgammon was everywhere except for the online world of online casino.

The entrance of the Backgammon game to the virtual world of casino online came naturally. At first there were player vs. computer modes and later on the player vs. player arrived to the online town. Backgammon attracted millions by its simplicity since the rules are so easy to follow and today many chat's and messages programs use online Backgammon to attract players to play online backgammon with them, thus making Backgammon an accessible game for the entire virtual community in a click's distance, by visiting the best online casinos of the Web to win top casino online bonos.

The game is fairly simple. On the board of the Backgammon game there are twenty four thin triangles which are called "points". The board is divided by a bar in the middle and in each part there are two groups of six triangles. Generally speaking there are four groups of six triangles. You will discover the next steps in any bonus online casinos...

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